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ALA Battledecks, the complete collection

Here’s a collection of the entire Battledecks experience. Crazy funny, and awesomely inventive folks. <wayne&garth> I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!</wayne&garth>

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[…] The conference was a showcase for best practices in libraries – but I have to say I was somewhat dismayed by most of the Librarians presentation styles. Bad powerpoints abounded. I tried to stick with my division of ALA – ACRL; but, discovered the LITA presentations had much more thought,  content and presentation panache. [More on the best, most thoughtful session of ALA DC 2010 Top Tech Trends soon.] Some intrepid Librarians know that presenting the  message is important and they practice with hilarity at Battledecks! […]

My placement of the camera on the judge's table didn't do a great job of capturing the slides/audio, but I got the entrances and the video captured the amazing energy in the room IMHO. Hoping that ALA posts complete collection of the video they took which actually shows slides and has better sound quality. Congrats again on the big win!

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