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Rosemary Beach


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We made a return trip to Rosemary Beach, FL this week. Eliza was just as fearless as she was a year ago, daring King Triton to send bigger and bigger waves crashing against her as she sat in the sand. She also wanted Jason to take her out into the “big part,” which he did, and she was simply mesmerized.

She also fell in love with the pool, which is where she would have stayed if we let her. She put on her floaty suit and pretty soon figured out how to paddle herself around, jumping off the steps into the deeper part. She gets her love of adrenaline from Dad, not from me!

It was also fun spending time with our friends Kevin, Leigh Anne, and their 2-year-old son, Griff. Eliza and Griff loved to chase each other barefoot in the nice grassy parks scattered all around Rosemary. They also liked sticking their feet in the fountain in the square and getting ice cream and candy from the Sugar Shack.

All in all, an awesome vacation! We hope to make it back next year and for many more years after that.

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