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Automated book scanner

I so want one of these for my new library!! Why? No idea…we’re not a Research 1 school, not an ARL, but the idea of loading this thing up and just letting it run as an art project makes me happy. And yes, I’d love to digitize some of our public domain books with it, even as few as we have.

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Yikes, designing a robot to flip pages without destroying the book is like a project out of Odyssey of the Mind. Sick.

Do you ever stop to thing that with every flip of the page, that robot is actually going to destroy libraries at we know them?

If you are really serious about digitization, may I suggest the KABIS III from Kirtas Technologies.

We are able to scan 3,000 pages per hour. We are the world leader in non-destructive digitization.

If you are interested in digitizing some of your copyright free materials, I suggest you take a look at We can take the MARC records from your collections ingest them and make them immediately available for sale. It is a self-sustaining Digitize on Demand/Print on Demand Program with no upfront cost to the content partner.

In addition we offer a new patented process “Invest in Knowledge”. For $30.00 book lovers can purchase a book that hasn’t been digitized, they will receive a paperback copy of the book, and 5% of all subsequent sales. There can be only one investor per book.

For libraries that can’t afford a dedicated machine, Lyrasis has the Mass Digitization Collaborative, which will digitize materials for you. Book and newspaper scanning is done by the Internet Archive; support for other formats are in development. Check out for more information about the program and for a list of currently participating institutions and their content.

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