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She’s turning into Linus, which is something I always feared would happen.

The sacred pink blankie used to live only in her crib or be brought out for naptime at daycare. But now that she can say the word “blankie,” she can ask for it whenever she wants. Today, she demanded to take blankie and Minnie Mouse for a ride in the stroller. She went to her room, pointed to the crib and shouted “blankie!” I gave it to her. She then carried it into the living room, where the stroller was parked, and tapped it, saying “ride! Mommy…ride!” And so we went on a walk, despite the 58 degree temps. And then blankie stayed outside with us and got nice and dirty as she dragged it around the yard. When I protested, took it from her, and told her no, she FLIPPED OUT. Will she be one of those kids that has her blankie in the grocery store, on the playground, at the doctor’s office? Gah, I hope not. Well, at least it’s “blankie” and not “binky.” She has classmates at daycare who are much older than her who still suck on the “binky” all day long.

Me, I pick my battles.

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Look at it this way: if she does adopt the blankie as her lovey, at least you have something that can comfort her at the doctor’s office, playground, etc. J has never adopted anything (and doesn’t look likely to do so) and we’ve sometimes wished he would.

Also, we would totally be out strolling if it were 58 degrees. In fact, we’ve been out playing in the yard when it’s been in the 40s. I guess that’s the difference between this side of the Mason-Dixon Line and that side!

Oh, and absolutely pick your battles. It’s the only way. 🙂

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