Weekly Tweets from 2008-11-16

  • Thinking of picking up a <$200 point-and-shoot for my London trip. Who has one they love, and what is it? #
  • Ok tweeps, camera choice: Do I want the Canon SD1100 or the Nikon S210. Very similar in features, looking for someone who’s used either… #
  • After I thought Oct. was going to be a crazy month, November is nuts. Oh, and Dec too. Chicago next weekend, London 2 weeks later. #
  • Anyone have a Boxee invite they want to share with me? #
  • Wondering if I have time to order new Moo cards before London trip. Probably not. #
  • Lazyweb request: who is a female writer who I can reference with Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens as “famous for writing serial lit”? #
  • I could waste an enormous amount of time on this: #
  • Going to try a portion of my London presentation “Lessig Style”. Already up to almost 20 slides for just my intro, which is like 30 seconds. #

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