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Eliza profile: ten months

IMG_5886.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey.

Favorite books: still loves her lift-the-flap books and recently has discovered Eric Carle’s 10 Rubber Ducks. Also likes any book, magazine, or catalog with babies in them.

Favorite TV shows (the only ones she pays any attention to): Yo Gabba Gabba and Sesame Street (especially when Elmo comes on the screen)

Favorite foods: pasta with tomatoes, toast (plain or with cheese melted on it), yogurt, broccoli

Favorite hobbies: pulling up on everything, cruising all over the place, practicing standing without holding onto anything, playing with her stuffed animals, “brushing” daddy’s and mommy’s hair

Favorite toys: remote controls, telephones, talking Elmo phone, all of her stuffed animals and dolls, anything she can reach but isn’t supposed to have

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