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Trying to Walk

IMG_5845.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey.

The daycare reports that Eliza took 2-3 steps yesterday, 10/13. However, we have yet to see it for ourselves. She continues to “cruise” like crazy, though. In this photo, she has somehow managed to make her way to the kitchen table and then get trapped underneath. I got her out, but not before a total meltdown (just after this shot was taken).

I was gone for three days for a conference. By the time I got back, she had gotten a lot stronger and braver. She’ll pull up on anything now and tries to go everywhere. We’ve sort of given up on real baby proofing, since we barely have time to shower and go to the bathroom, much less baby proof. Instead, we just watch her closely and follow her around. Consequently, she’s starting to learn the word “no,” although she still smiles when mommy says it. Bad sign.

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