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Illness update

IMG_5344.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey.

After 8 days of the cold that wouldn’t go away, yellow snot, cough, and all, we called the doctor. She prescribed amoxicillin, which we realized wasn’t working after 5 days. The doctor switched her to augmentin, which seems to be doing the trick. Today was the first time in 14 days I didn’t have to wipe her nose. Whew. This first cold / sinus infection has been a doozy. Thanks, daycare!

This picture was taken during one of our many “shower treatments.” I would put the shower on hot and shut the door. It helped her breathe and sneeze / cough some of the junk up. At one point she found the toilet paper, and I just let her enjoy it. Bad mom.

Now she’s teething (top two). So far, it hasn’t been as bad as the hell of the bottom two. But she isn’t her jolly self, either. One is almost out (an edge poked through today) and the other is not far behind.

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