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Eliza profile: eight months

IMG_5069.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey.

Eliza turns 8 months today! Such a big girl, in all senses of the word. Wanting desperately to walk, not very interested in crawling. Learning how to navigate the scary world of daycare, being without mom, and lots of new emotions. Developing likes and dislikes and letting you know them. Napping like a champ for the first time in her life. Eating everything, including some grown-up food. It seems like she’s not even a baby anymore.

Favorite foods: spinach (although it hurts her tummy), mango, prunes (still!), sweet potatoes

Favorite toys: lift-a-flap books, balls, links, a small stuffed giraffe that she chews on, peek-a-blocks that rattle when you shake them, plates/bowls/cups, bubbles

Favorite hobbies: standing, standing, and more standing. Trying to cruise, especially around her crib. Playing with Indy (the dog). Trying out new sounds. She currently likes “dadadada” best. Playing with her new friends at daycare.

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