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Small new developments

IMG_4688.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey.

Ok, so maybe it’s not a big deal, but she just learned something today. She can now lift the flaps on one of her books all by herself. It is called Peekaboo Zoo, and there are animals hiding behind different kinds of flaps. Some pull down, some sideways, some upwards. She can do almost all of them by herself, and she even knows the appropriate timing. I’m amazed by her sometimes.

She’s also trying to pull up in her crib any time you sit her up after a nap. We’ll probably have to lower the mattress soon. Ugh, my poor back.

She’s also reaching for people now, which is pretty recent (last couple of weeks). Mainly she reaches for me, but sometimes daddy. And she can also wave “hi.” Sometimes she gets confused and uses both hands, which is super cute.

We’re still waiting on the biggies, like crawling. But all these little developments are fascinating.

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