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Eliza’s first Fourth of July = the suck

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Sewanee pulls out all the stops on the 4th, but the festivities just weren’t meant to be enjoyed by us this year. The dog show was okay this morning, but Eliza was sleepy and a bit grumpy. We only got to see about three floats of the parade before it started raining. The arts and crafts fair shut down before we could make it, due to the rain and Eliza’s nap schedule. We were invited to a barbecue, but we had to leave before the food was served in order to get Eliza to bed. And no fireworks because, well, little E goes night-night at 7 pm. I’m disappointed, of course. It is usually one of my favorite days of the year. Well, here’s hoping next year is better. Eliza will be 19 months old then. Crazy!

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