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Rice crackers…tasty

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Eliza fed herself for the first time yesterday, some rice crackers that dissolve in your mouth and get really, really sticky. It was more for play than for nourishment, and she definitely needed a bath afterwards. We’ve found that she’s not happy watching us eat dinner…she wants to eat with us. So these little crackers are a good way to keep her occupied. Granted, they became toys instead of food by the end of our dining experience. Especially fun was the game where she pushed them off the Bumbo tray onto the kitchen table so mommy and daddy had to get their hands sticky picking them up and putting them back on the tray.

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just wait until she *only* wants to eat off your plate.

(Scene: at the dinner table)
Eliza: “Baby?”
Jason: “No, this is made with salsa. You can’t have it yet. It’s too spicy.”
Eliza: “Baby?”
Jason: “Sorry honey, this is daddy’s. You have carrots. Mmm! Carrots!”
Eliza: (flings carrots off her tray) “….Baby?”

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