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My latest insanity

I announced it on the Twitter, but thought I should record my latest questionable decision here for posterity: I’ve been named Chair of the LITA Program Planning Committee for 2008-2010.

Hopefully this blog won’t devolve into a bitchfest regarding this decision.

4 replies on “My latest insanity”

I don’t know whether to say congrats or offer condolences, but I know you’ll do a great job at it regardless. Best of luck putting together something great with a minimum of stress for you.

I sometimes think anyone who accepts an appointment as chair of a LITA committee should have his sanity questioned…but then I hear Willie Nelson’s comment on normality, and it goes away.

Congratulations (sez I, who will chair the LITA Publications Committee for 2008-2010, and who questioned my sanity even as I was accepting Andrew’s offer…)

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