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Too big for baby stuff

IMG_3067.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey.

Eliza is outgrowing all her baby seats. As you can see, she’s trying desperately to sit up. So…even though she is strapped into this cushy, soft, vibrating seat , she is trying to get out of it. She has several little “chairs” but they all recline, so she isn’t fond of them anymore. She wants to sit straight up and see the world. No chilling out for little Eliza! Are you kidding? There’s too much to see and do!

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She needs the saucer seat with toys all around where they can sit up and spin around and bang at things. Our girls LOVED the saucer. Busy busy…

We just ordered a Baby Einstein jumper/play center. It’s basically an exersaucer and jumperoo in one. Can’t wait to see what she thinks of it! I think she’ll love the standing up part!

Oooo, could you post a link to the Baby Einstein play center? It sounds like just the thing for James. He’s not so much into the sitting, but standing, boy howdy…

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