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Library Blogging Tag Cloud

Library BloggingHere is a tag cloud for Library Blogging, the upcoming book from myself and Karen Coombs…this is the top 100 terms, ignoring common English words. If you’re wondering what the book is about, here’s a good sampling:

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Blog and Library,eh? In a book called Library Blogging? Whoda thunk it?!?! 😎 Oh, I kid the Griffey! Congrats on birthing your baby book, my friend! I need to go out and get me a copy… Do I have to do it through Amazon, or do you think my local Barnes & Noble will have a copy soon? I’d rather walk into a physical bookstore to get it, y’know? Makes it feel more real or something! Like, “Hey, there’s my best friend’s book, right there on the shelf!!!”

Hope all’s well, my friend!

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