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Tough week

Eliza has been uncharacteristically grumpy for about two weeks (maybe a little more). We thought it was a bit strange, since everything we read and everyone we talked to said babies tend to get less fussy when they’re around 3 months old. Instead, our normally happy girl has been getting progressively fussier. As I started to observe more and more spit up (including some of the projectile variety), I decided to call the doctor.

She suggested we try gas drops. We did, with no change. Then she suggested switching to soy formula. Eliza turned into exorcist-baby: the worst spit-up ever and a very strange two hour crying spell that could not be stopped.

In a panic, I called the doctor and begged for an appointment. Turns out she has some reflux, but not enough to make the doctor want to try medicine. And she is against putting rice in the bottle, which is a common treatment for reflux. So I’m somewhat frustrated that it isn’t being treated. And in addition to the reflux (or maybe because of it??) she has some fluid in one of her ears. We think that’s the reason for the grumpiness…pain and pressure. We noticed she had been pulling on that ear, but figured it was just because she had discovered it. We’re trying eardrops and baby Tylenol, and we’ll see how it goes. So far her mood has improved a little bit, although she still prefers to be held. It’s been a tough week for everybody.