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The cousins

IMG_1445.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey.

Here is a great pic of Eliza and cousin Parker, both right around 9 weeks old, hanging out at Nana’s house. Eliza is dainty compared to the big guy. They’re both absolutely adorable and starting to develop personalities. Parker coos and “talks” a lot, especially to his stuffed animals. Eliza is much more quiet than Parker (aka “Toot”) but smiles a lot, especially when you talk/sing to her. In the background is a gorgeous quilt made by Jason’s grandmother.

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What a terrific photo! Parker looks rather puzzled, and Eliza is beautiful, as always. I’ve been admiring this quilt in your Flickr photos; Jason told me once about his grandmother’s quilts and I was wondering if it was one of them.

Also, just wanted to say how much I’m in awe of you. I have a vague memory of what 9 weeks was like, and I could barely string together a coherent sentence, much less summon the mental (and physical!) ability to teach a class. Even now, at 5 months+, I have days where I forget where I parked (not just which space, but which parking lot!) and have to be reminded of what day of the week it is. I’m so impressed at how well you and Jason are handling things!

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