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Eliza in repose


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Little Eliza spent most of the evening screaming her head off. She’s got a ton of gas problems, and seems to be in a lot of pain at night…during the day, she’s an angel, and sleeps most of the day.


Anyway, she’s doing well. She has her first doctor’s appointment today, so we’ll see how that goes. More pictures and info later.

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Congratulations to you and Betsy! A perfect present for Christmas. I can’t see the pics at work but will try to find an internet connection elsewhere.

Talk to Travis about “the dad hold.” If you put her belly down on your forearm, arms and legs on either side like a koala on a tree, then rub her back, she will probably find it soothing. This is best done by dads because their arms are bigger, often stronger and warmer. 🙂

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