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The waiting begins

So in the last week or so, we’ve more or less finished Eliza’s room. The way I see it, if we’re to the point of hanging pictures on walls, the important stuff is all done. 🙂

There will be pictures later, I’m sure, but the room is really great.  I’ve heard that one of the problems with parenting is that you give your children not what they want, but what you wanted…and I’m absolutely certain that’s the case with her room. It’s great, but I’m hoping that at age 4 she doesn’t throw a fit wanted it to be purple with pink glitter, cause that’s not what she’s got now.

At this point, we’re just waiting for her to make an appearance. 2 weeks ’til due date, so could be any time now.

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Don’t worry, you’ve got years before she realizes that what she wants and what you want are different things. 🙂

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