Guitar Hero III – Librarians Unite

GHIIISo what little free time I’ve had since returning from IL2007 has been spent playing Guitar Hero III for the Wii…and, no surprise, it rocks my face right off.

I don’t have any other “new” game consoles, so this is my first sustained playing of any of the Guitar Hero games. I completely see why this franchise has done so well…it really feels like playing music, even though I know I’m just mashing buttons.

Well, for anyone out there that I know with both a Wii and GHIII, at some point I’d love to try the wifi connection part of the game. If you missed it earlier, my Wii friend code is:

4523 9501 6905 5000

Leave yours in the comments, and we’ll hook up sometime and shred.

As Beth pointed out in the comments, there is a separate code for friends in GHIII. Nintendo, for all the great games and the system, just gets Internet stuff so wrong. Anyway, my code is:

4253 1688 4710

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DragonForce > You. or me for that matter. And you have to be a mutant to play their song on Expert. I got a 0%. A FREAKING ZERO.


My Wii code is: 2838 7099 2687 9065

My Guitar Hero friend code is: 5412 8100 0442 (why they decided to use a different code, I don’t know, but they did – you might want to post your GH3 code here as well – it’s on the GH3 friends list page).

And now that I’ve managed to (mostly) conquer the head cold that appears to have followed me home from Internet Librarian, I might actually have time to play….

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