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The hardest part about being pregnant so far has been sleeping. I’ve heard it said that all these sleep problems in the third trimester may be a way for nature to train you to get used to functioning with little sleep, since that’s what you’ll do when the baby comes.

Every night it’s a juggling act. I have two different body pillows (one u-shaped, whole body style and another that just goes around my middle and cushions my back and front). Then I have the two pillows for my head and a special foam pillow that goes between my knees. Poor Jason. I wake him up sometimes, shuffling things around, trading pillows, trying new configurations. Two nights ago, I had insomnia at 3:30. Starving by 5:30, I got up, ate some cereal, and then went back to bed on the couch. Last night I tried sleeping while sitting up (reclined a bit). That worked until 2:00, when I realized my neck was hurting.

It’s a fun adventure. But poor Jason!

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