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So pretty much everyone is convinced that their OPAC sucks. With the exception of the GA system, is there anyone out there actively trying to switch to Open Source?

I admit, I desperately want to give it a go, but it’s the backend stuff that gives me pause. I would be curious if others out there are tinkering, behind the scenes, out of sight. If so, let me know…

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I know that WALDO is *talking* about it, for the Westchester Academic Libraries. I don’t know how far they’ve gotten on the project, but they sounded serious about not buying another commercial solution. I could put you in touch with someone, if you want. Lemme know.

King County in Washington is testing Evergreen and looking to make it more “turnkey” in regards to deployment and implementation according to something that I read in an issue of Library Hotline about six weeks ago. They are the largest system that I know of that is doing something substantial and devoting the resources to it. I am not sure that I would be able to characterize it as “actively switching”, but I think they are looking at it as an option.

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