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Valleyschwag 4


More Valleyschwag! This month wasn’t as good as last month, but the shirt is nice. I’m not sure wtf the mini beach chair is good for…holding my cell phone? The stickers are interesting, as always, and I got a bottle opener. But it does seem a bit small, comparatively…of course, Valleyschwag is undergoing some serious growing pains. I’m willing to give them a few months to work it out.

I’m also not sold on Perplexcity…I’m a gamer, and love games of all sorts, but I’m just not sure how to take such a massively distributed puzzle. Seems like more work than fun to me.

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Yo, so far I’ve been pretty satisfied with ValleySchwag. I look forward to it every month and I haven’t been disappointed. Looks like I got about the same stuff as you did, except I got a Yahoo Answers button (didn’t see that in your stack of schwag). I probably won’t make use of the mobile phone lawn chair, but my son will.

As far as the Perplexcity puzzle stuff… I agree. I’m not the type of person who wants to waste time with that… and you’re right on, it feels more like work than fun.

Also, didn’t you get a mini-poster/ad for some kind of drink?

Mine had some weird thing that looked like half a jack that I was told is a massager, instead of the mini lawn chair, and instead of a bottle opener I got a pen. I received all the same stickers, and my shirt was for

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