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Why Would Anyone Listen to These Three?

Next Step Blogging

Why Would Anyone Listen to These Three?

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Great pic by Michelle Boule, just prior to the LITA presentation that she chaired and I, Karen Coombs (to stage left in the photo), and Steven Bell took part in. The presentation was titled “Next Step Blogging” and will be revealed in its entirety on LITABlog (as soon as Karen Schneider finishes it up…). My slides can be found here. It went remarkably well, with an absolute standing-room-only audience. Next time we need a bigger boat.

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Checked out the slides … nice work. I’m biting off more and more every day. Mostly filing site with search engines right now. is my avenue of choice for monetary reasons alone. Would love to experience others, but don’t want to pay for them.

Also — any thoughts on how to find like blogs or other folks I might know blogging to blogroll other than the standard searches and Technorati tags? Just curious. I figure there have to be more than four people I know in the world doing this, but that’s what I’ve got right now.



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