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Welcome to the Lyceum

A new blog product launched today with less fanfare than I’d imagine: Lyceum, from, a multi-user WordPress fork. It is designed to allow for one installation which supports multiple individual blogs, something that WordPress users have been looking for for a LONG time.

I’m planning on trying it out locally, and seeing if it is suitable for a university installation. I can’t imagine that it is anything short of brilliant, coming from Ibiblio. You can test an installation at their demo site, and see what the backend looks like. It’s pretty much WordPress, for those that use it, with a few administrator tools thrown in.

For those of us at an academic institution, this might be the answer to our blogging prayers…single install, multiple instantiations, all built on the most versitile blogging platform out today.

EDIT: Also seen on BoingBoing! Go Paul!

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