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Inventing a term…

For anyone who has spent any time on the web on discussion boards, there is a particular sort of image that pops up occasionally. As far as I know, there is no descriptive term for this type of image, and I think there should be. The images invariably show up during heated/humorous discussion threads, as either a put down or a humerous comment on the thread or a specific comment on it. The images normally have text, sometimes text that is itself a net-witticism or initialism. Mostly these are used for comic effect. They’ve been around a LONG time.

But as far as I know, there’s no word to describe them. We’ve got “emoticon” as a image that is composed of puncuation used as a reminder of emotion behind words, but nothing for these.

So I ask the Interweb: what should these things be called? You need examples? You asked for it:

bunny with pancake on its head
stop talking
no you can't have a pony
panda on a mower

Again, these are normally posted into a discussion thread as a method of communicating humor/anger/other emotion.

So, Interweb…what should these things be called? Imagesmacks? I need to know how to refer to this group of things!

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