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Presentation and interview

Well, I had decided to hold off on posting about this, but…oh hell, I figured why not. I am interviewing on Wednesday for the position of Head of Reference & Instruction at UTC.

As I understand it, I am one of three that is interviewing for the position, and I am the only internal candidate. I don’t know anything about my competition, which is one reason that I hadn’t talked about the interview and such before. You never know how much research they are doing on UTC, and it just felt ethically…icky….to talk about it without really knowing who was reading. But I’m interviewing on Wed., and my presentation is done, and there’s nothing really that will change twixt hither and yon. If my competition finds the blog, and uses the access to my presentation, well then…so be it.

So here it is, if anyone is interested: Information Literacy & the First Year Student, my presentation to the faculty.

Wish me luck on Wednesday!

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