Happy Halloween!

Had a pretty quiet halloween here on the homefront. Only one trick or treater, a mini-spiderman. We spent the rest of the evening watching Dawn of the Dead and drinking hot chocolate. All in all, not the night of debauched trickery that some may have had, but an ok evening for us.

Next year, though: party!

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Dude, I’m in! Heheh. By the way, I found a pretty high quality copy of Serenity if you want it. I’ll just burn a copy cause it’s like a 4 gig .img file so it should play in a DVD player. I’ll bring it to SoCal if you want one. Should hold you over till it gets released on DVD, eh? Later!


EDITED: for stupidity. 🙂

See, you don’t live in The Woodlands. If you did, your Halloween would be entirely different, trust me. Highest housing density on the Mountain + kids in every house = scads of costumed ankle-biters. We got cleaned out our first year there.

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