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Inspired partially by this post of Walt’s, I decided to see what I could find as my oldest record of being on the web. Looks like it’s this post to when I set up the first email listserv for the state of Kentucky’s academic honors programs.

Date? Oct 27 1992. So that means, if we take this as my first moment online, that I just passed my 13th anniversary of the ‘net. Of course, this was posted from Bitnet and not the Internet, and I was on long before this, but it’s still an interesting look back. I’ve checked the Wayback machine to see if they had captured any of my old original homepages, but it doesn’t look like it. *sigh* The sorts of things you don’t think will be important…I’d love to see some of that stuff. I wrote my first webpage on emacs, across a dumb terminal, BEFORE Mosaic…just text and hyperlinks. It was the coolest thing in the world. That would have been sometime in ’92, I think. I also had a homepage on a old ISP in Athens, OH when we moved there in 1996 or so called Can’t seem to find that either.

Ah well…interesting to think of being on the nets for so long, and that now they are literally just part of my daily life. What’s anyone else’s earliest web presence?

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