Digital Culture Library Issues


Aside from the not-so-hip title (seriously guys…LibraryThing?) and the needs-prettier-interface/UI, the tool itself rocks like Dokken.


There are a few things I’d like to see happen with it, though (listen up, developers!): one, you need geographical information, or at least the ability to form groups so that you can keep track of who around you has what books. Second, you need the ability to check in/check out books to other users, with email ticklers for returning. Third, you need to be able to sort by some shelving order (ie: I shelf mine alphabetically, so sort that way, OR if I want to go full on Library of Congress, give me a shelving order for that).

That said, it’s a cool tool I expect I will play with. It also imports Delicious Library files, which is nifty.

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