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This one is for all you undergrad buddies who might still read this…from BoingBoing:

EDIT: from Justin’s comment…sorry, for those who didn’t know: I went to undergrad in Morehead. It’s the home of Morehead State University, my alma mater. My mother still runs the bookstore on campus.

Morehead Monkey

A monkey named Boo-Boo apparently bit a drive-through worker at the Viking BP Mart in Morehead, Kentucky. It seems that Ashley Rodgers was handing a customer a beverage when the monkey tried to grab the drink. (See image.) Rodgers says that Boo-Boo then bit her. According to WKYT 27 Newsfirst, Boo-Boo’s human companion, Jamie Dehart, is paying Rodger’s medical bill. The animal will eventually go to live at the Nicholasville primate center, a move Dehart says was planned before the monkey business occurred. Link to WKYT article, Link to WPVI article with security images

The monkey in the above image is hard to make out at first…the white splotch at the bottom is the monkey’s diaper.

I don’t believe that I just typed “monkey’s diaper.”

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That is the FUNNIEST. A monkey incident in Morehead…why were there no monkey incidents when we were there??

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