Broken RSS

Trish pointed out that my RSS feed seems to be broken, and I’ve spent some time trying to find out what’s going on without success. The actual RSS script is calling the database info and such, and should build the feed dynamically (as opposed to some software that builds the XML every time an update is done). The comments feed isn’t working either, but I tracked that to a link issue. The main RSS feed, when it runs, just generates a blank doc with nothing there.


I can’t find anything in the WordPress Codex either. Anyone out there using WP with any ideas?

EDIT: So this is stranger than ever. When I checked the RSS at home, it worked fine. Here at work, nothing. I updated my .htaccess rules thinking there might be a rewrite issue in retrieval, but…well, it worked at home, just not here. I’m really, really perplexed.

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