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Eating the ice cream…

Had a really interesting weekend, with more play than work. Friday was poetry night with the Spanish Club at Sewanee, where Betsy read some wonderful stuff by latino/chicano/puertoriqueno/ poets, while I read a couple of pieces from Jorge Luis Borges. Borges is a person that doesn’t get enough credit in the library world (other than the ubiquitous quote in all libraries “I have always imagined that heaven is a type of library”). He invented the an idealized, infinite library (The Library of Babel) that has been a very influential metaphor in literary circles. In addition, of course, he was a librarian at the National Library of Argentina.

The title of the entry is from one of his poems, where he opines “I’ll eat more ice cream, and less beans” in thinking on how he would change his life. This weekend was, as I said, all about ice cream.

Saturday we had drinks with friends Andrea and Will, and then more snacks and discussion with Ruth, Jason, and Nicky. Sunday we spent the afternoon on Tim’s Ford lake at Angela and Paul’s house, with an international crowd of Spaniards, Canadians, Columbians, and Americans. With cava flowing, amazing food, and perfect weather…well, it was the first of what I’m hoping is many wonderful spring days.

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