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Open Student Television Network

Interesting stuff coming from the CampusEAI Consortium, where a group of Internet2 campuses are putting together a webcast student oriented video channel. You can see the stream here, if you are on an Internet2 pipeline.

This raises all sorts of interesting intellectual property questions. I can’t seem to find a copyright notice on the page in question, and my quick searches through the site didn’t help much either. I’m curious as to who owns the rights to the content…the organization? The students that produce it? The schools? It’s an interesting question which will only come to the forefront when something happens to the content that someone involved doesn’t like…the stream is captured and remixed, the audio content is stripped and podcast, or there is the appearance on screen of media that is copyrighted and clearances haven’t been given.

I find the labyrinth of this stuff fascinating, in a “animal eating its own young” kind of way. There is going to be an implosion of rights vs content sometime very soon.

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