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Ok…after a ton of background work, I think I’m happy with the first draft of this. I’m working on another, more complex layout, but for now this will do.

The actual upgrade to WordPress 1.5 was easy and smooth…it was basically a matter of uploading, pressing a few buttons, and it was done. The hard part was rescuing all the customizations that I’d done to my old template. 1.5 has a completely different (and I must say, non-intuitive) templating system. Once I wrapped my head around it, it was fine. Actually, it was good…it basically compartmentalizes a great deal of the layout into subfiles, and then lets you deal with each. But at first it was confusing as hell.

Coolest new feature: the background image of the header is a dynamically generated PNG file that reflects how busy my blog is. More posts/more comments, the higher the pulse, thanks to a kickass plugin called WP Pulse. It will be interesting to see how it works.

Second coolest feature: WP 1.5 supports page creation…WYSIWYG page creation using the WP engine, but outside the blog timeline and independent of it. So I can create quick stand alone pages using the WP template of my choice. Very cool feature, and moves WP into almost a full fledged Content Management System.

Love to hear any feedback from you guys, and those of you that are running WordPress…dive on in, the water is fine!

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