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Betsy and Jason’s Holiday Dinner

  • Sirloin Rib Roast, marinaded in olive oil/soy sauce/balsamic vinegar/garlic/white wine and cooked medium well
  • Grilled Asparagus with butter
  • Roasted New Potatoes with leeks and whole garlic cloves, flavored with rosemary and scallions
  • Braised Wild Mushrooms in Killian’s Red
  • Beer and bleu cheese sauce for the roast, made by deglazing the roast pan with Killian’s and melting bleu cheese, butter, and a clove of the roasted garlic


After the delicious repast, we exchanged gifts (hey, we’re heading out on Thurs. and wanted some time to enjoy them!). I got a couple of most excellent DVD’s (go Buffy Season 5!), the game Puerto Rico which I am really looking forward to playing, and a Ninetendo Gamecube which I will be supplimenting with many Miyamoto games.

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