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Even more *drooool*

But for a different reason, this time not for beauty but for pangs of youth.

Behold! The wonder of the 30 in one Commodore 64 Game Joystick! Evidently QVC has purchased ALL of these that the manufacturer made, so the only place to get one is via them. The list of games is awesome though (well….there are a few crap games, but mostly): you get Impossible Mission AND Impossible Mission II, Summer Games, Winter Games…Sumo…just tons of good stuff. If I could tell you how many hours I wasted playing those first four games during my youth, I would, but I can’t currently count that high due to a turkey hangover. This is WAY up on my “cool shit for christmas” list.

EDIT: evidently QVC has completely decided to eliminate deep linking via a screwed up method of javascript redirects. In any case, if you go to and search for Commodore it will come up. I tried a link edit above, but I’m not sure it will work.

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