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In the parlance of 1337 speak: OMFG.

I want these so bad I can taste it.

Hill House Publishers (beware shoddy web design) has made deals with two of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman and Neal Stephenson to publish limited signed and numbered editions of some of their works. And what editions…boxed, silk-bound, and in Gaiman’s case often with the “author’s edition” text, with sections that were cut from the published editions. Their edition of American Gods has 12,000 words that weren’t in the previously published editions.

They are also doing the amazingly cool “Neil Gaiman Author’s Preferred Limited Edition Series” subscription service, where you not only get the books in the series, but limited edition one-time printings of Gaiman stuff not available anywhere else, like the recently published “Screenplay” (a slight-of-hand way of referencing a screenplay he did for Good Omens). They appear to be doing the entire Stephenson Baroque Cycle in these limited edition versions…my mind boggles.

Unfortunately, so does the pocketbook. These will run you around $200 each, so it appears that they will remain a distant dream. On one hand, I’m sure they will appreciate in value…on the other hand, you’re talking about $200 for books that I already own. But what books….the bibliophile in me weeps.

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Yep, Justin…I’m a step ahead of you there. 🙂 I already emailed them to see if they were interested in getting their site updated. It really it pretty bad.

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