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Stupid freaking Windows XP

  • Lesson One: An untimely reboot will cause write errors.
  • Lesson Two: Said write errors, if they occur on the account info of Windows XP, are bad.
  • Lesson Three: Being unable to read any account info, Windows XP will happily blue screen and reboot, only to repeat that process forever.
  • Lesson Four: Even after editing the password file with a Linux boot disk in hopes of fixing the corruption…no dice.
  • Lesson Five: Backup your data, boys and girls. Early and often. Luckily I only lost a handful of files, and spent only most of a weekend reinstalling everything.

2 replies on “Stupid freaking Windows XP”

i’ve seen no reason to go to win xp. win 2k churns along, and i’ve only ever had problems with other people’s computers on xp. got to say, if ibm would sell their x-40 laptop with a preconfigured, tested distro of linux, i’d snatch it up immediately. gonna have to wait for 2006+ for the next incarnation of windows. i’m wondering how many end users they’re hemorrage to flavors of linux as a result? or macs.

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