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Oh my…new iPods

The new iPod Photo by Apple. It comes in both 40 and 60 gig sizes, and integrates with iPhoto. Comes with software onboard to attach to a TV and display photos, complete with soundtrack of your choosing. 65k-color screen, 220 by 176 pixel resolution, Click Wheel, and 15-hour battery life.
The Limited Edition U2 iPod. Seriously swank.
These iPods all have serious drool factor. The 60 gig is delightful (I never, ever thought I would fill up the 40 gig I got for graduation, but the sad truth is that it’s full). The photo abilities I could take or leave…if it auto-sync’d with different digital cameras, or had a built in media card reader…that would be killer. As it is, it is really, really pretty, but the storage is what I’m about. I suppose I’ll wait patiently a year or so for the 100 gig model.

photos courtesy of Apple

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These are so sweet. I posted on them too. Doesn’t it drive you nuts though? You finally get an iPod (I got Kevin one for our anniversary) and then they come out with these incredibly cool features. They should have a trade-in/trade-up program, don’t you think? I already store photos on my iPod – how great it would be to view them!!

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