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Suggestions from the blogosphere

I hereby summon the knowledge of the readers of my blog:

Has anyone had any experience with a webhost that they would recommend that would allow php/mysql setups for things like phpBB and a blog? I’m considering setting up something like a news/discussion site and am looking for cheap but reliable hosting.

Ibiblio (while wonderful for hosting this and other aspects of my site) isn’t appropriate since it would be for a psuedo-commercial project that would eventually need to include ads and such to pay for itself.

Suggestions? Anyone out there wanna host me? The traffic would be lite at first, but I’m betting it would pick up quickly…

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Well, I use TypePad, but I anticipate moving off of it soon, and hosting my blog myself via Movable Type. While I can’t host you, although I’d like to, I can recommend the guy who hosts me. His name is Mike Ireland, via Digital Alchemy, and you can reach him at He is really really cheap and I can do anything I want, with an incredible control panel and access to all that stuff you need, plus some ready-to-install programs (including Word Press, actually).
– Shel
Maybe I’ll see you in Indy this weekend?

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