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With Justin singing the praises of Firefox, the Mozilla stand-alone browser, I decided to take the plunge and see what the fuss is about.


I’ve been a Mozilla convert for a long time, using the suite for both websurfing and email. But Firefox and Thunderbird have convinced me to switch, in no small part to the amazing extension support.

For example: Forumzilla, an extension for Thunderbird that allows you to treat RSS feeds just like email or newsgroups. It pulls the feed, allows you to filter them to different mail folders….just so easy to use, and just what I wanted with RSS. Not a stand alone aggregator, but something that is integrated into my existing information consumption.

Get Firefox

They’re brilliant, open source, constantly upgraded, fast, easy to use, and have incredible support. How is it that IE still has the upper hand in the browser wars?

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forumzilla is awesome. i installed it in the suite in the last few weeks because i decided i need to get a newsreader, and it does almost everything i want it to. i’ve yet to convert over to thunderbird because i do all my email in pine.

this week i had thai food with the guy who wrote forumzilla: myk melez.

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