You mean I’ve got more papers?

Since the master’s paper furor has died down, my drive to get stuff done has just gone through the floor. Finishing the paper, then having such a great response to it…..then realizing that I’ve got like 3 more papers to finish before the 25th…really quite the stab in the face with a sharp stick.

But we’re nearing graduation, so gotta get the stuff done and turned in. Does anyone out there have any drive left at all?

And speaking of graduation…is everyone attending? I wanna see everyone I can there! Come on, people, show just for the silly gowns and hats!

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If its any consolation, here at Liverpool we have a total of 7 assignments (word length between 3000 – 5000), 1 exam and a dissertation of around 17,500 words to complete before June! If you do figure out how to get motivated do send it over the Atlantic as I am about as enthused about these assignments as Edward II was when they started heating up the poker!

Silly gowns and hats – check. (Just exactly how silly is yet to be determined.)

Motivation to complete assignments – gone.

Large (like, really freakin’ huge) assignments left – two.

Number of large assignments that could actually have been a master’s paper all on its own, now that I think about it – one.

Panic chez Pellegrino/Cobb – lots.

I will be there for the silly gowns and hats. I haven’t had motivationf ro about six months, so I feel your pain, even though I avoided classes myself :).

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