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After a long and torturous discussion, Bets and I have determined that I am a unique individual because I must be the only human alive who has seen all of the following live in concert:

Yes, I’ll admit: I saw Winger live and in concert. I was young and impressionable, what can I say?

Blog challenge: what concert combinations have YOU seen that make you unique?

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Wow. That’s a unique list. Wouldn’t have pegged you for Garth Brooks.

I don’t know if mine make a unique combination, so I’ll just list them all:
Pink Floyd
The Chieftains (twice)
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (twice)
Chet Atkins
Big Head Todd & The Monsters (twice)
Willie Nelson
The Tannahill Weavers
Jennifer Nettles Band
Sting with Natalie Merchant opening
got to the Prince Charles in Fayetteville just as Great White was finishing a free show for the GI’s

Isn’t it Kool with a K? You must not be such a big fan after all. 😉
My strangest ones are the Moody Blues, Huey Lewis and the News (no making fun of me or I will unleash my fury), and Nine Inch Nails. Concerts that I’ve loved the most are Pearl Jam, Matchbox Twenty (seen them twice and they rocked both times), Counting Crows, and…of course…the Boss himself. Obviously. Strangely, though I don’t own either of his albums, I’ve seen John Mayer in concert 3 times!! Weird. And good opening bands that actually stole the show from the headliners were the Wallflowers (opening for the Crows) and Live (double show with the Crows). Maybe even Johnny Lang. He didn’t STEAL it from Sting, but he rocked.

Um, how about The Cure, Meatloaf, Cracker, Duran Duran (twice), Wierd Al Yankovic/Dr. Demento,
Chicago, and Taylor Dane (with the new Mickey Mouse Club opening for her)?

I saw NKOTB (twice, but only because a friend’s mom wouldn’t let her go without me…HONEST!)
and immediately followed those up with the Cure…damn, Robert Smith’s dark broodiness
was H-O-T back in the day…

Ooooh, you really are a youngster. Winger = cheesy 80’s hair metal. Big song = “17.” Or “she’s only s17”? Think: Poison but lamer.

here’s a few that come to mind. and for the record, i don’t think these make me unique – they just highlight my horrific and completely influenced by the time, musical tastes:
reo speedwagon
genesis (w/phil collins)
the doobie brothers
barry manilow – yes, that’s right
the indigo girls
lyle lovett
the trachtenburg family slideshow players
sweet honey in the rock (2x)
paul mccartney
vic chesnutt
billy joel
billy bragg
poi dog pondering (5x)
aztec camera
jimmy buffett
marcia ball

sorry jason – no surprise that there’s no heavy metal listed.

I do see much live music. Also … does classical music count? If so:

Palcido Domingo
L.A. Philharmonic
The Negro Problem
The Red Elvises
Soundgarden (with opening act Rocket from the Crypt)
Spearhead (with Michael Franti)
Take 6
Tears for Fears
U2 (2x)

BARRY MANILOW holy shit. ok: i went to both lilith fair and the warped tour, and i think it was both in one summer. i have also seen mr. bungle w/the dillinger escape plan (in the interest of full disclosure i didn’t actually enjoy that one), james galway (the rock star of flute players), the cure, roger daltrey, they might be giants a million times, tori amos, and arlo guthrie.

jason, you have no idea how pleased i am by “website trumps email”.

Uh… Bets… I think I was at that Moody Blues concert with ya in KY. How’s about this…
Ubershaal (Blue Man band)
Moody Blues
Monkees/Wierd Al
Davy Jones solo
Dave Matthews

Hope y’all are doin’ well out there!

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