Jason’s Rules of Philosophy

Today, Bets and I undertook a massive task: to go through the accumulated papers of 10 years, and dump what needed to be dumped. We just threw out a 4 drawer filing cabinet, and it was packed with useless papers. One of these papers was the following, from my time at OU as a Master’s student in philosophy. My observed rules of the academic study of philosophy.

  1. Whenever someone says “I will show” they probably won’t.
  2. Any ethical argument that relies on a Nazi example is automatically at question.
  3. The non-philosophical default setting for metaphysics is realism; for ethics is relativism; and for logic is ignorance.
  4. Even diehard Idealists won’t step in front of a bus
  5. “Ceteris Paribus” conditions aren’t and won’t

If any of that makes any sense, you paid attention in Intro to Philosophy.

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Dude… Alarming! My Economics degree is obviously so far behind me that I can’t remember
what Ceteris Paribus means.. Uhmm All things equal? no. no. It means assuming the status quo right?

BTW the textbox in your comments is annoyingly long dude.

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