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This weekend for me is the Carter Caves Crawlathon. I worked at Carter Caves in Olive Hill, KY, all the way through college as a summer job. The first year I was a busboy, mainly because the park manager was less than appreciative of hiring me (I played the political card, which in KY at the time was the only way to get a state job). The next 4 years, however, I worked as a cave guide/naturalist on the park, doing interpretive work both above and under the ground.

It was the best job ever. I got paid to do what people then paid to do. I spent 5-7 hours a day underground, leading tourists around and talking to them about the history of the area, the caves, the animals and even the rocks. It’s reminiscent of the reference desk…you’re the expert, and people come to you for the answers.

I’m nothing if not a sucker for a power trip. 🙂

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