$10K reward for Magic Cards

We’re reasonably close to Roanoke here in the Triangle, so those of you that read this and are gamers…keep your eyes out!

Star City Games offers $10,000 reward for thief
On Saturday morning, December 20th, sometime between 1 – 6 a.m., someone (or several people) broke into the back of’s Roanoke, VA warehouse, not an easy thing to do. Once they finally got in, they quickly, but methodically, stole significant quantities (exact numbers are still being compiled) of older, collectable, Type One singles. This included numerous Black Loti, Moxes, Ancestral Recalls, Time Walks, Timetwisters, Juzam Djinns, Library of Alexandrias, etc.
Our insurance will pay to replace the cards, and our already heavy security measures are being increased by tenfold. At this point, most people would probably chalk this up to “experience” and simply leave it at that. However, I am not “most people”, as whoever did this is about to find out.

Today, I am publicly offering a $10,000 “no questions asked” bounty on the individual(s) who broke into our warehouse.

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