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So…what do you guys think?

Not sure if any Ibiblio-philes read this thing…but even if you’re not directly affiliated, what do you think of this:

Music, UNC, and the First Year Student

It’s a portal designed for INLS180 concerning how to instruct first year students here at UNC what you can and can’t do on the network, and more importantly where to go if you want music. Plus, I threw in a forum, where hopefully students can discuss where to get music legally and the problems with current copyright law.

So…the question is: is it good enough to propose to Ibiblio for inclusion into their collection? Would it be a good thing to promote to the students here at UNC? Is it needed? What say you all?

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I say YES! If for no other reason than that it’s totally something you’ve worked really hard on and feel strongly about, go for it. You can pitch something you believe in well, and you already know Paul Jones, so you’ve got an insider’s advantage. Put it up on the Web and point as many other pages to it as possible!

good job, especially on getting the forum up n’ running. I saw today that RIAA wants a permanent get out of jail free card for antitrust suits brought against it. You may want to put that in the news section. I’ll look for the link. As to the usefulness of it — while I ain’t no educated librarian type, this site seems straight and honest while still delivering the goods. Yeah, there are other pages like this out there. Most have their own agenda and, more importantly, their own bias and sponshorship. You are providing low-bias (because it’s tough to call anything “without bias”) and no-ulterior-motive info. It would be a great link off of the uni’s student info or general computer use page.

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