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Marvel couldn’t continue to make good movies…

…so I suppose it had to end sometime. I thought that MAYBE the curse of terrible comic movies had been lifted, but possibly not. The Punisher, a longtime fan favorite, appears to have been….how to say this politely….completely fucked up.

One: the movie is set in Florida. The Punisher (Frank Castle) is wearing a trenchcoat. In Florida. In the comic, he’s in New York. New. York. Trenchcoats = ok in NY. Not so ok in freaking Florida.

Two: why do we need Travolta as a bad guy? I mean…really. Let’s use Travolta where we need him…as the uber-cool dancing badass. Not as the king of some crime syndicate.

Three: one of the bad guys, seen briefly in the trailer, is none other than “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash, a professional wrestler best known for his participation in the classic wrestling group the New World Order (NWO). He’s the very large blonde guy throwing the Punisher around.

At least we have Spiderman 2 still in the works to look forward to. Sam Raimi isn’t likely to screw things up, at least.

2 replies on “Marvel couldn’t continue to make good movies…”

I weep. Punisher should be the easiest character to make a movie about. You just need good writing, a good story, good acting.

Oh, wait. I see the problem now.

Sigh. War Journal rocked back in the day. They should have gotten Carl Potts to write this thing. And cast different people. The guy in the trailer is too young, and too goofy.

I can atleast hope it’s better then Rudolph in the first Punisher movie. That seriously almost made me cry. Punisher became a sewer fighting expoliceman in that one.

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