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So…a proposal…

….something that we have not done here in the UNC blog space is to mob blog something (not mob as in mobile, but mob as in group). Is there any event upcoming that would benefit from the publicity (however minimal) of being mob blogged? Everyone shows up, with laptop, and blogs during the event to describe/discuss it….my first thought was the Latin American Film Festival, in some way…a talk, maybe even a FILM (that might be odd). But I’m up for suggestions….

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I’d be up for some mob blogging. Funnily enough, we were discussing that in the last Tarheel Bloggers meeting (which you skipped). The difficulty is finding a decent forum since during speakers, they might get unnerved if 10 people whip out their laptops and appear not to listen to a word that is said. Film is also a bad venue since the keyboard clicking would cause people to chuck things at our head. Perhaps a class, or large enough lecture that we are not the majority of people in the room would be nice, ala when Gary Price came in the journalism building’s auditorium.

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